Matt Goddard is a landscape photographer known for his images showcasing the seaside spirit of Brighton and beauty of the South coast & surrounding countryside. 

Growing up in Sussex, Matt spent much of his childhood in, on or near to the sea – leaving a lasting impression that continues to influence his art.

Following a Crohn’s diagnosis Matt’s career in financial services was cut short. His love of photography and the outdoors has been the silver-lining that shone through the difficult times since. Heading out with his camera affords not only the happiness the Sussex coast brings but also escapism; removing all distractions and becoming lost in the moment. The sense of peace and tranquillity affords a fresh perspective and a more appreciative view of the world around us.

“In this day and age technology has removed global barriers and made it easier than ever to remain connected with others. Matt believes, in spite of technology, that the time and space to connect with ourselves and our surroundings is a precious commodity that’s becoming more easily overlooked. Taking time for ourselves offers a clearer view of the here and now where moments of peace and tranquillity can be found – something we all need a little more of.”

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