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Kitchen Wall ART

Looking for a way to elevate your kitchen walls? The kitchen is at the heart of most homes and even more so since the open-plan revolution. The informal kitchen, dining, lounge concept means we’re spending more time in and around the kitchen. Yet our kitchen walls are often overlooked and left empty. Time to change that with a small amount of effort for a stunning change.

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This guide will walk you through the how-to of art for your kitchen walls. Size, Shape & Colour will be used to help steer you on your way to elevating those empty walls!
It’s often easiest to pick a wall and go from there but what to do when the kitchen is full of empty walls? Artwork can be used as a focal point, a splash of colour, or the occasional point of interest but don’t worry, this guide will walk you through how to make sense of it all. For now, spend time in your kitchen area and think about where your eye rests and how the room is zoned e.g. a dining area, reading nook, chimney breast, and of course where the magic happens… both the cooking and the washing up! You’ll find the room’s architecture & decoration will naturally point to areas where the artwork will elevate not only the wall but the whole room. The slow and steady approach will allow ideas to pop into your head and slowly but surely give much needed clarity.

Don’t forget, art doesn’t always need to be on the wall. A collection of small propped-up frames on a shelf or mantle can look great, or go big with a large portrait picture frame rested on the floor and leant against the wall. Just make sure it’s practical and walkways are accessible.


Hmmmm, big art for your kitchen wall or keep it cute and compact? As with all room decoration, the proportion is paramount. There aren’t any rules here and it’s a personal decision, that’s why there’s nothing to stop you from letting your hair down and going wild. If this is all a bit daunting you may want to play it safe to start with. After all, you can always let your hair down later once you’ve built some confidence!

CHoose Your kitchen WALL ART

Now you’ve choosen one or more walls (shelves and or floor!), look for inspiration in your colour scheme or simply take a look around and find art that speaks to you. Art is an investment and can bring pleasure everyday of the year for many years to come. I like to have the picture on my phone and hold my phone up and arms-length in front of the wall where it will live. Does it look right, does it need to be bigger or smaller?

Once you’ve choosen, measure up on the wall and use masking tape to mock-up an outline. Live with it for a day or 2 before placing the order or buying the artwork. It’s best to know now if something doesn’t feel right, afterall buying and owning art should be a pleasure, not a stress.


  • Working with a neutral colour scheme? Continue the theme with art that uses a gentle colour palette. Or, a neutral colour scheme is the perfect foil for a bold and dramatic piece that adds character and colour to your kitchen.
  • Work with your rooms proportions. Tall artwork will stretch the room vertically and make the room feel taller, wide artwork (such as a panoramic) will make the room feel wider.
  • Do you have a wall without a window? Not anymore! Pick a print featuring a scenic landscape or seascape and use a thin frame to create a window effect without knocking a hole in the wall!

Bring Nature Indoors

Bringing nature into your home has proven health benefits, including lowering stress levels. If you’d like to bring a restorative coast or countryside view to your kitchen walls – browse my exhibition-grade photography prints celebrating the beauty of Britian’s South Coast and get in contact for free advice.

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